A Land with ports but made land locked by the regime

The illegitimate Eritrean leader, Isaias Afwerqi has been in Cairo for official visit and conspiracy with the Egyptian authorities. PIA is doing his level best to elongate his rule by rein, ruining the Eritrean land and its people.

The axis of four, Saud arabiya, Egypt, united Arab Emirate and Eritrea are jealous and envied by the economic boos and tranquility of Ethiopia and Sudan. To reciprocate the vivid provocative actions, human trafficking, kidnapping and killing its opponents in Kassala/Sudan, alien land for PIA, Sudan has closed its borders with Eritrea. Nothing go or come from Sudan and to Eritrea. Nothing go or come from Ethiopia too. Nothing go or come from Yemen still.

On top of the skyrocketed price of commodities and subsistence stuffs, the regime has devaluated the value and price of domesticated animals. Today, a price of camel or three cows and oxen cannot buy a hundred kilo teff-the edible grain of highlanders. Due to the border closures, Eritreans are chocked by throat. Today, Eritrea is becoming a “land locked” country in the Horn of Africa. The Sudanese opposition forces have anonymously backed the border closure by the central government of Sudan. No one has complained against because they have been following the illegal, forceful, undiplomatic moves of the Isaias regime. On our sides, the Eritrean oppositions, except on individual base, are unable either to expose the evil acts of the regime or denouncing the regime’s fragrant actions of converting Eritrea in to battle ground together with in the same and one language. We as oppositions should stand on the side of our people. Today, our people are deliberately being starved to death. Eritreans are surrounded, chocked, and are being forced to go into war for the vicious interest of alien forces that have never been good historically.

The Democratic Movement for the Liberation of Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK) as an Eritrean force, denounce any foreign intervention in our ancestral land. For DMLEK, the well being and pacific way of living is its priority. DMLEK is against all conspiracies and odds in Eritrea at large and around Gash-barka region in particular. DMLEK is fighting the regime to realize a sustainable peace and development. For DMLEK, the PFDJ-led regime is responsible for all atrocities in Eritrea. No one has mandated the regime at post to let and sell our land and ports. Time and again, the regime at post is illegitimate to sign any accord with any regional and international forces. Its political posture does not allow the regime to make deals on behalf of Eritreans with others. Our Saudians, Egyptians and Emirate friends should know that we as Eritrean oppositions are partners of the dividend in our land. Eritrea is our land and we have all the rights to condemn any aggression against our people and land. We are against any proxy or conventional war in our land. We had enough experience and no more on request. We demand a peaceful exit from our land as soon as possible. A sound of single aliens’ bullet is more than enough and we are fed up with it. We wish you a safe and peaceful exit as soon.

News and Information office of DMLEK

Friday, 12 January,2018.