Time to reverse the course:-

Aftermath of the DMLEK 23rd anniversary and inauguration of the new Ethiopian PM, things are changing.

Hard and fast rules of PFDJ’s regime are fading in accelerated speed. Surrogates and the entire PFDJ institutions are swaying as pendulum. The overall expectation of seeing Ethiopia dispersed was becoming a dream. The overall finance and labor poured to destabilize and bring Ethiopia at their arms length to control has withered away. What remain is to resort to another malicious projects of how to survive self by stabilizing others. Still they are not stupids how much that will cost them but still no option than that failed try and fail approach. It had also tried to disunite the DMLEK’s bed rock, the unity of the Eritrean Kunama. It’s disuniting projects were crashed to the best by the strong blows of the organization. The turn out and determination of DMLEK and friends of Kunama at all has shaken the breath of the hidden members of the regime in Europe and elsewhere. They are staring at the glimpse at the end of the Eritrean meander- Tinkulahas. Change loving forces with clearly outlined and demarcated political vision are organized and resuming to challenge the regime. PFDJ is at a cross road. No way out for the regime and its blindfolded supporters.