Let’s know the crux of the border conflict first, then, propose possible solutions:-

Some Eritrean scholars and politicians would like to see the Badumma spot handed over to the PFDJ regime as a possible way out from the stalemate but will that work in real?

Such citizens are still under the shadow and hangover of the PFDJ’s political flickering of seeing things from its own political upbringing. There are more than five or six ‘Badumma spots’ occupied by our neighbors as a means of defending the war mongering steps of the Eritrean regime. Take Adi maelel, Adi Taklay, some spots around Adi Hakin which were occupied by Ethiopian forces to curb the aggression of the PFDJ’s regime. From this juncture, then, can we think the giving in or back Badumme will reverse the stalemate towards the positive direction? Can we be optimistic at all and expect the regime will cease from its aggressiveness? The crux of the border conflict, to the level of my knowledge, is not the spots but the intention of the regime that has driven both to delve in to war.

 PIA is born with such aggressive culture and all it’s internal and external policies are based on greed. Land grabbing and confiscation of ancestral lands with out due compensation, the intention of intervening in internal affairs of neighboring countries like Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan and Yemen to delve into money laundering, hijacking its oppositions, and busying itself in regime change are manifestation of greed the regime has inherited and wants to pass over to the next generation of PFDJ’s generation. Look what the YPFDJ elements are doing in western countries? Look how aggressive and blunder makers they are in aliens lands. This is the seed Yemane Gebreab is sawing and its for this we Diaspora based Eritreans are failed to challenge. In Eritrea, PIA is all. He is the military, security, political analyst, and economic resources. Instead of exposing the intentions of this devil, we the Diasporas, either glorify its initiatives like ‘first attack, occupy and then negotiate’ as a stern nationalist principle or repeating the precondition: ‘first evacuate from Badumme then negotiate.’ Badumme was not occupied abruptly but its a manifestation of the PFDJ’s mind set and content.

 Both forces should sit, talk, find and fix the very problem that has led to the occupation of Badumme and to the current stalemate. To do that and before going to the actual demarcation on the ground, they should negotiate to give a guarantee for our future peaceful coexistence as neighbors. Giving in or back the plots will not secure our descent neighborhood. Why PIA wants to work with neighbors amicably now while he was at war with all its neighboring countries, people and governments is the point to be dealt with serious initiative . And to digest and bring it to light, both sides should sit, talk and discuss. No more no less. Not only Neighboring people and governments but we as Eritreans too have a great concern and developed benefit of doubt over the unreliable and unpredictable behavior of the PFDJ regime. So to sit for a dialogue is a must and sin que non. Every Eritrean, be it in Diaspora or inside, should understand the deadly consequence of fulfilling the interest of the PFDJ’s regime and beating drum around the ‘first evacuate and then negotiate’ stipulation of the regime. Knowingly or not we are giving PIA a breath by tuning to his devastating nationalist banners.

Let’s make out our reasonings if we really are for a better and peaceful coexistence with neighbors. It’s here as Diaspora oppositions and intellectuals to make difference with the regime. Ultra nationalism will blind us to see the repercussions and ultimate goals designed by the regime. So it’s neither Badumme nor other pockets of lands occupied that are causes for the border conflict but the intention, the greed, and ambitious blunders of the PFDJ regime. Look how Eritrean Kunama and others are being cornered and dumped to the out skirts of their ancestral lands due to the unlimited greed of the regime. If failed to think good and advocate for those marginalized and destitute Eritreans, how can you think and wish a peaceful coexistence with others but immediate neighbors? Let’s therefore stick to the very cause, not on the effect. Let’s deal, fight and challenge the ambitious, reckless and unreasonable policies of the regime first before dealing and finger pointing to the effect. It’s there where the crux of the stalemate lies.