This is the Time to Uncover Some Propaganda Lies That PFDJ Wants You to Believe

Dear Eritreans – This is the time to uncover some propaganda lies that PFDJ wants you to believe. So, the regime of Isaias Afewerki has in recent days used all its media channels to complain again about the sanctions.

In fact, it went one step further: It made a call to the world community that it should be paid for all the damage that was inflicted on the people of Eritrea because of the 'unjust, illegal' sanctions.

Well, the truth is that these are NOT economic sanctions, but sanctions that were targeted at PFDJ LEADERS. They always included 3 points. 1) Embargo on arms deals (>> Al Shabaab) 2) Freezing of money assets of certain bank accounts 3) Travel ban for some PFDJ leaders.

The good news is that NONE of that ever affected the daily lives of the people of Eritrea. The bad news is that most of it did not affect the PFDJ leaders either, as many member states simply did not implement those bans.

Once more: PFDJ is crying foul and lying to the people of Eritrea.

Moreover, in order to serve the truth: The people of Eritrea suffered loss of life, loss of freedom, loss of economic prosperity and trade, loss of an entire generation and social make up....through the decades of SANCTIONS imposed on them by PFDJ alone. No-one else. It included travel bans (within Eritrea!) and freeze of bank accounts (Nakfa 5,000 maximum to be withdrawn), for all Eritreans except for PFDJ leaders themselves!

We, the people, call upon Isaias Afewerki and PFDJ leaders to lift the sanctions against Eritrea and its people in all aspects of their lives...even when you can never reimburse our people for all the outrageous damage and dramatic loss incurred.