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Displacement of members of Eritrean Kunama minorities from their ancestral farm plots is proceeding with an escalating magnitude than ever before.

Residence of Tole Gamuja were displaced from previous locations and ordered not to go to their plots without the permission of the Shambakko sub administrator, namely Tesfay. Some farmers of the same location were confiscated their farm lands and given to its followers and members of PFDJ. Such ordeal has accelerated the influx of Kunama refugees using the good opportunity of rapprochement of the two people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. To gain the plots of those Kunama who fled to Ethiopia, the military intelligence and the PFDJ’s cadres are preaching and disseminating as the border is going to be closed within short period of time and better to flee if you want to go to America or somewhere. This is tactic how the regime pushes citizens to flee from their ancestral lands. The international community should give a due attention to such horrific harassment of the PFDJ led regime.